To say that things have changed exponentially in just a year would be putting it lightly. COVID-19, the global pandemic, has changed the working landscape and perhaps permanently. With the need to work remotely, businesses everywhere have had to pivot and reconsider their structure.

There are a few important lessons to take from the experience. Moreover, there are some hints as to what the future of work could look like. Here are a few things that both employee and employer should consider moving forward.

Freelancers Are More Valuable Than Ever

Businesses that are becoming more comfortable with the prospect of working from home are realizing the value that freelancers have. With more and more households making the shift to freelance work, it only makes sense for the two to collaborate.

Businesses that need to pivot and expand their teams will likely look to independent talent. That’s not to say they are phasing out current employees, but when hiring, they are no longer restricted to the local talent pool.

Making Work Smarter

One of the biggest advancements is in analytics solutions and workflow management. There are tools coming out that are removing the clunkiness that may pollute a traditional workplace. With this being a new era of customization and digitization, effective workplace management becomes essential.

More customized experiences means tailoring a virtual workplace to the skillsets of the employee. That can help them be better at what they do, which is better for the organization as a whole.

Improved Employee Well-Being

Perhaps the most marked improvements since COVID-19 in relation to working is employee wellness. Not having to commute to the office, being able to be around family and at home, has improved employee wellness.

Employees are now finding a better balance between work and life than ever before, which is resulting in happier, more productive employees. It is changing the way employers consider employee happiness as well as the structure of their current workplace environment now and for the future.