Working from home has offered a plethora of benefits to both employees and organizations. In a time when our health has become more acutely important, it does not look like remote working is going away any time soon.

But one issue facing these remote environments is keeping employees engaged. It can be difficult to be connected with people when they are not in the room right there to talk to and interact with. That said, there are more than a few ways to engage and connect with employees when working remotely.

Define Goals

Employees are completing their tasks faster than they were in fixed workplaces. The caveat is that management has to set clear and measurable goals for remote workers to strive for. Communication is key, so it is important to be clear about what is expected as far as responsibilities and duties.

With clearer goals ahead of them, employees are free to work toward achieving them. All without having someone to hover over them.

Improve Communication

Whether working remotely or in person, proper communication is still an issue that plagues many companies. When goals and information are not properly communicated, it can lead to misuse of time and frustration.

Employers should put more effort into prioritizing relations and engagement efforts with employees. Quick check-ins and short group meetings can gauge progress and ensure that everyone is on the same page.

Give Them the Proper Information

Having clearly defined goals is great but having the right tools to achieve the task is even better. When employees have the proper information in front of them, they perform tasks more efficiently. But having that information can be challenging.

Try to limit the amount of digging they have to do on their own. There is talk of a #NoSearch revolution, where information is provided to the employee, essentially “finding them” instead of the other way around. Having to spend time digging and researching is time taken away from the task and it can be more effectively prioritized.