While work from home is not a new invention, 2020 saw an increase in the remote workforce. That brought with it a whole new series of challenges for employees and employers alike. Including how to keep employees engaged.

One thing that no business should overlook is employee engagement. Happy employees provide the best work, and team-building exercises are vital to get employees working together seamlessly. Given the new virtual world we live in, there are plenty of virtual team-building activities available.

Online Office Games

One of the most enjoyable and effective ways to introduce virtual team-building is through online office games. Museum Hack lists this as their top virtual open and promises that teambuilding.com has plenty of games available.

Virtual Escape Room

While on the subject of fun and games, a virtual escape room would be another excellent (and virtual) form of team building. Most people have heard of an escape room at this point, and a virtual one is a little different. 

Better yet, a virtual escape room can theoretically house even more employees than a physical one, allowing for a larger team to participate. 

Virtual Tours

Giving employees a chance to get to know one another has long been an easy and intuitive team-building exercise. Given that many remote employees are working from home, now would be the perfect opportunity to give them a chance to provide a virtual tour of their home. This would offer an untold amount of insight into their personalities and establish connections between coworkers

Spreadsheet Pixel Art

Another free virtual team-building activity would be a spreadsheet pixel art competition. The idea is essentially exactly what it sounds like: having employees open up a google sheet and showing how creative they can get. 

Team Building Bingo

Bingo is another everyday go-to in the team-building world, and with good reason. It’s a universal game that nearly everyone understands and enjoys, making it fun and approachable for all. It’s a simple thing to customize a bingo board to showcase different work elements or individualized for various team members. Anything is possible with this easy-to-design board. 

Personality Tests

Another team-building exercise to consider is the introduction of personality tests. Tests like Myers-Briggs Type Indicator are fun (and sometimes challenging) for employees to complete while also providing a better understanding of themselves – and each other. It could also provide clues on who would make the best teams and which employees should potentially not get paired up together.