Michael Greenlee | Wine

Wine, Business, and Entrepreneurship

Michael Greenlee is an accomplished and dedicated self-starter who has worked in all facets of the Food and Beverage industry. From restaurants and retail to compliance and logistics, Michael Greenlee has a wealth of knowledge and experience across various sectors.

With over a decade of entrepreneurial pursuits, Greenlee is a seasoned problem-solver and taste-maker. He is results-oriented, a strategic thinker by nature, and comfortable with all aspects of ground-up processes from construction, systems integration, and development of practices and procedures.

Throughout his career, Michael Greenlee has confidently managed large teams across multiple outlets. He has also successfully coordinated processes and systems across multiple locations. Greenlee is Six Sigma Black Belt certified, making him an expert in efficient engineering and understanding the workflow and integration of the human resources in a varied set of workflow circumstances. He is also proficient in “leaning out” existing workflows and systems and is well versed in Standard Operating Procedure Development.

Michael Greenlee got an early start within the wine industry, while in college, serving wine at the Hyatt hotel in Columbus, Ohio. He later went on to work as Wine Director for Gotham Bar and Grill in New York City. During his nearly 8 years at Gotham, Greenlee grew the beverage program from $2.6M to $3.8M and established Gotham as one of the premier wine programs and greatest American Wine Lists in the United States. Upon leaving Gotham in 2007, Michael began working as the Chief Wine Officer for Dean and Deluca. Under this role, Greenlee impressively grew direct wine sales from $200,000.00 to $8,500.000.00 in just three years. In March of 2010, Greenlee moved on from Dean and Deluca and built a direct to consumer wine storage and delivery company composed of a 35,000 square foot warehouse, custom-built technology and a staff of 50 people. For the next 5 years, Michael grew a 150+ client list and generated over $18M in annual revenue. He successfully sold and exited the company in July of 2015.

Michael Greenlee’s most recent venture came in 2015 when he developed Pig Beach Brooklyn as a Seasonal Pop-Up. Due to continued success, Pig Beach Brooklyn quickly turned into a fully realized, year-round BBQ space in September 2017. As a Founding Partner and the Director of Operations, Greenlee was responsible for day-to-day operations including managing a team of leaders and staff of over 120 people and revenues greater than $14M annually.

Over the course of his career, Michael Greenlee has worked at various top restaurants including Spiaggia in Chicago, the Four Seasons Hotel in Manhattan and Le Cirque 2000. Now, with over twenty years of experience in Food and Beverage Operations, Greenlee is globally recognized as an expert in the fields of Wine and Spirits. Michael Greenlee has successfully built or participated in building several companies in the food, beverage and entertainment space. Throughout his career has always leveraged technology to automate workflow processes, as well as evaluate the workflow and processes of companies in order to make them more efficient.

Michael Greenlee loves to travel and experience different food and wine. He has cultivated a list of his favorite restaurants from around the world, which makes him a source for recommendations amongst many of his friends and colleagues. Growing up in Rhode Island, Michael learned to sail at a young age and sailed competitively as a young man.